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Dryport journalist Felicity Landon wrote the texts of all Dryport Quarterlies she did even other material and articles.
At the end of the project we asked here to write a popular summary of the work in each work package. Have a look!

Work Package 2 Publicity

WP 3 Financial & land assessment

WP 4 The physical planning of a dryport

WP 5 IT & Security

WP 6 Environmental aspects

WP 7 Governance - socio economic aspects 



Dryport 2012 Final conference, Gothenburg


Jason Monios, TRI Napier-Defin(d)ing the Dryport concept

Fredrik Engblom, Volvo - The use of RFID from a customer perspective

Wim Bens, Dinalog - Innovation through cooperation in smart logistics



Dryport 2011 annual conference, Ipswich


John Hinton & Mike Hammond, Babergh District Council - welcome & snapshot

Steve Clarke, Haven Gateway Partnership - The importance of our ports .....

Rich Cooke, Babergh District Council - Haven ports, the future & cooperation

Paul Davey,Port of Felixstowe - Overview Hutchinson ports UK

Jane Stanbridge, Port of Felixstowe - Port infrastructure planning



Dryport 2010 conference, Edinburgh


The special conference web site is not functioning anymore. Some presentations by Dryporters you can find below.
If you want a USB stick with all presentations just mail us!

Prof Cullinane, Extending the product life cycle of Dryports

Gordon Wilmsmeier, A Scottish Dryport

Jason Monios, A Spanish Case

Violeta Roso, The case Falköping

Johan Woxenius, Information flows in Hinterland connection

Arvid Guthed,  RailPort Sweden 

StratMos, Dryports and the Motorways of the Sea

Mikael Laugesen,  Enhancing the integration of the Hinterland

A special attention to one of our guests:

Bruce Lambert,  Describing an elephant

And Bruce Lamberts blog is nice stuff.


Dryport 2010 conference, Edinburgh follow up

The Dryport research network managed to get in more than 30 abstracts after the successful conference in Edinburgh.
Kevin Cullinane (TRI Napier), Rickard Bergquist (Gothenburg University) and Gordon Wilmsmeier (CEPAL) were the editors behind the publications below.

'The Dry port concept - theory and practice' Special issue 14/1 March 2012, Maritime Economics and Logistics

'Dry ports - a global perspective' , January 2012 Transport and Society

'Intermodal Strategies for Integrating Ports and Hinterlands' volume 33/issue 1 Research in Transportation Economics



Dryport 2009 annual conference, Harlingen

More info will follow as original link is broken



Dryport start conference September 2008


Presentation Significance of a dryport -Violeta Roso

Presentation Genua example - Andrea Rosa

Presentation Regional logistic cooperation - Rickard Bergqvist




Publications Dryport partners



  IAW Institute Bremen


Full version of the report  'Governance and conflict resolution'


The executive summary of  'Governance and conflict resolution in Dryport planning'



Scottish freight studies


Easiest access to all available material: link to SEStran and  link to TRI Napier


SEStran published an extensive report on their Dryport years. Reads here.


SEStran 's study on the potentials of Coatbridge as the Scottish Dryport opens here for reading.


TRI Napier shows in this summary what has been achieved within Dryport



Babergh District Council


A Guide to Planning and Logistics

Three organisations have combined to produce a new Guide to help Planners and Logistics Operators understand the regulatory controls and pressures that operate within the Logistics industry. The promotion of mutual understanding of the Planning and Traffic Commissioners Licensing systems should bring benefits to this key area of the national economy.

press release 1

press release 2





The Swedish pilot project Skaraborgs logictic center was supported by Region Västra Götaland,  Swedish Transport Administration and Port of Göteborg. The researchers from Handelshögskolan and Chalmers added valuable research to the development of this practical example of a Dryport.


The process behing this cooperation is decribed in this report.







Research links



Transport Research Institute, Napier University, Edinburgh



Chalmers Technical University, Gothenburg




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