Haven Gateway and Babergh District Council

The Haven Gateway Partnership based in East of England is working together with one of it's core partners, Babergh District Council to deliver the dryport Project and to investigate suitable sites within the Haven Gateway Sub-region that may be able to support the Ports and Logistics Sector locally.  In summary;

The Haven Gateway sub-region

  • One of the fastest growing areas in the UK – more than 20,000 homes completed in 2001-2007
  • Identified in the East of England Plan as an area with: “the potential to develop further as a major focus for economic development and growth”
  • Declared a New Growth Point in 2006 by Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG)
  • Named as one of the seven “Engines of Growth” in the draft East of England Regional Economic Strategy (RES) 2007
  • Set a target by the East of England Plan (EEP) of providing 65,100 new homes and creating 49,700 new jobs in the 20-year period from 2001 to 2021 (whole districts) 

The Haven Gateway sub-region is based around one of the UK’s most important port clusters, including:

  • Felixstowe, the largest container port in the country
  • Harwich, a major East Coast ferry and cruise port
  • Ipswich, a substantial regional port and the UK’s largest grain exporting point

As such, the growth and infrastructure of the Haven Gateway are of regional, national and international importance, and critical to the UK’s economy.

The Haven Gateway Partnership was created in 2001, to provide a framework through which its partners – from both the public and private sectors – could work together to promote economic opportunities and secure the future prosperity of this international gateway to the UK.

Growth Point status in 2006 and the Partnership’s appointment of a Chief Executive in September 2007 signalled a step-change in the Partnership’s ambitions to deliver its vision, with a strong focus on sustainable growth and a broader remit – no longer centred solely on port expansion.

Contact information

Richard Morton

Project Director

Telephone:  +44 1206 848416

Mobile: +44 7769962554



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Haven Gateway Dryport Update - 17th May 2010

The Haven Gateway and Babergh are developing the evidence base for the sector within the sub-region and have published reports and information on the economic impact of the sector in order.  For more information please contact Richard Morton or download information below;

The Economic Impact of Ports and Logistics in the Haven Gateway - Executive Summary

The Economic Impact of Ports and Logistics in the Haven Gateway - Full Study

Haven Gateway Information Leaflet on Ports and Logistics

Babergh District Council Information Leaflet on Ports and Logistics

Haven Gateway Dryport Update - March 2010

The Haven Gateway commissioned and has now published an Employment Land Review of Strategic Employment sites within the Haven Gateway.  This study identifies sites and their uses and with other studies will help to identify suitable Dryport sites within the sub-region.  You can download the study and appendices below;

Haven Gateway Employment Land Review

Haven Gateway Employment Land Review - Appendix 1

Haven Gateway Employment Land Review - Appendix 2

Haven Gateway Employment Land Review - Appendix 3




Dryport - a modal shift in practice