IJsselmeer alliance


Thirty municipalities and organisations around lake IJsselmeer in Northern Netherlands signed an agreement to promote the use of inland waterways in the transport chain between the ports of Rotterdam/Amsterdam and the northern Dutch region. This network of logisitics hubs intends to work jointly for a steady offer of hinterland opportunities towards the major seaports, first of all in the Netherlands but in the future also towards Germany and the Scandinavian countires.

The IJsselmeer alliance was signed by the deputee of the Province of Friesland and the chair of the Dutch organisation of inland ports.

The alliance is one of the results of the Dryport project that promotes the use of rail and inland waterways in the freight transport between seaports and inland hubs. The Dutch are leading in inland water transport and it is encouraging to see this wide cooperation of authorities and organisations to promote it even more.

If you want you can have a look and listen to the why's. The news flash is in Frisian and Dutch.



Maritime Transport and Future Policies - Perspectives from the North Sea Region


The intention of the policy paper is to provide a coordinated and comprehensive picture of the hot topics for maritime transport in the North Sea Region and to present concrete recommendations for the Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the countries in the North Sea Region (EU Member States and Norway). In this way the paper is intended to act as an inspiration and to contribute to discussions on future EU cohesion and transport policy developments, thereby providing a common North Sea Region voice on these issues.

Enjoy it!


Governance and conflict resolution


Dryport partner Institut für Arbeit und Wissenschaft (IAW Bremen) finalised their report on governance and conflict resolution in Dryport planning just in time for the European Maritime Days and the Dryport final.

In the report four case studies are carried out: Bremen/Bremerhaven (GE), Gothenburg/Falköping (SE), Haven Gateway/Felixstowe (UK) and Zeebrugge (BE).

Their final report is downloadable here, whilst the executive summary is here.


Final Dryport meeting


Wrapping up the project, that's what we did after the European Maritime Days. We gathered as Dryporters for the last time. Feels somewhat strange after almost four years of concept development, workshops, study visits and business to business exchanges.

Jason Monios -TRI Napier, Scotland - made a presentation of what he has seen all over the world when visiting dryport-like freight terminals. Fredrik Engblom - Volvo Logistics - showed us in a real life presentation how confusing EXCEL files can be when transporting just-in-time car parts from Sweden to Belgium. And how promising it can be to use RFID tagging to trace individual goods waggons. Finally Wim Bens  - Dinalog, the Netherlands - gave an overview of the latest transport trends and what stops us to  go for real efficiency in the transport chain.

You will find their presentations at our 'publications' side.

Jason about world wide dryports Wim Bens about transport efficiency



European Maritime Days Gothenburg


Nice weather is always a perfect ambiance and if it concerns maritime matters it is even nicer to be along the shore. More than 1100 delegates visited the European Days, this time in an previous ship yard building at Eriksberg in Gothenburg. On the first day a programme was offered with a policy character, whilst the second day was meant for stakeholders that met in 25 parallel sessions. European Port Community Associations (EPCSA) Richard Morton presented the need to streamline informationsystems that allow efficient transport. In his presentation he also mentioned that this is one of the core issues in Dryport. Dryport and EPCSA were present at the information market outside the meeting venue. We met the Swedish transport minister for a short chat about the project.

harlingen meets minister  


European Maritime Days

Look back at these nice days in Gothenburg or read the presentations you are interested in.



Dryport Emmen Coevorden


The Dutch are going strong: after a well-visted congress in Emmen - over 250 people attended the event!- it is a serious option to transport goods by rail on the northeast connection between Rotterdam/Amsterdam and Northern Germany & Scandinavia. Read more about it in the spring 2012 Dryport Quarterly.

Follow their news at the dedicated site Dryport Emmen Coevorden.


MEP visits Dryport Skaraborg


Alex Bergström and Sören Kviberg, politicians at Region Västra Götaland, met Swedish MEP Olle Ludvigsson in Falköping for a discussion about the dryport concept and the biogas production . The timber terminal of StoraEnso was part of the visit.

It is inspiring to showcase the Falköping site with its timber establishments and its efforts to create a well-functioning dryport connecting to the main sea ports. It is not only a discussion about the need of integrated transport systems as a step forwards to meet climate change challenges. It is as much bringing the global perspective to the local production area of Skaraborg with its many small and medium enterprises. Smaller companies generally have less access to and time for green logistics. SME's are the core value of this sub-region and it is obvious that the local government fills the dryport concept from the hinterland perspective.

Dryport visits Duisport


Dryport paid a study visit to the impressing DeCeTe terminal in Duisburg with its dedicated goods trains from Rotterdam (twice/day) and with loads of barges using the Rhine. The terminal handles sea freight with the major focus on Rotterdam and Antwerp but works closely with the DB terminal opposite the street that handles continental freight. Later that afternoon a delegation from Belgium and Bremen joint us to have a look at the Duisport facilities. Interesting to see what range Duisport covers: from landlord to warehouse.



Dryport Annual Conference 2011, 22nd September 2011, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK

On the 22nd September 2011 the Dryport Project will hold its Annual Conference in Ipswich, UK.  It's aim is to get Dryport Partners and Politicians to discussion the challenegs that each of them face in there area and exchange information as to solutions, cooperation and the future.

To download the agenda please click here

For further information please contact either

Dirk Harmsen, Project Manager. info@terranordica.com


Richard Morton, Haven Gateway. richard.morton@haven-gateway.org


Joint Food Port-Dryport Seminar


On the 24th of May,  the two Interreg IVB projects Food Port and Dryport will arrange a joint seminar in Bruges, Belgium. The event will be hosted by VOKA - Chamber of Commerce of West Flanders and POM West Flanders - the West Flanders Development Agency.

This is the draft programme.

You can registrate through the Food Port website.


Successful Portcentric conference in Birmingham


The dryport project was highlighted at the Portcentric conference in Birmingham. A good place to show why port centric solutions and inland dryports both do have a reason to exist and how they could work together for transport systems that take freight from the road. Interesting was to see how more functions are added to the Portcentric concept; last year the discussion concentrated on first leg transports in domestic flows. This year the UK ports see possibilities to strengthen their gateway functions towards the European continent. The second port centric trend is to play a role in off-shore wind energy for which -much - space is needed for assembly and maintenance. Good and integrated inland solutions are necessary to provide space.                    

  Leif Bigsten from the Swedish Dryport partnership spoke about a municipality when pushing inland freight solutions in a greener direction. Cooperation between public and private is a must.

  In the exhibition stand Mark Van Kalles (Aecom) showed the carbon calculator to interested transport users. This CCCcalculator is ordered by Haven Gateway.

Rail connection first step to Dryport Skaraborg


Yesterday the new combi-terminal Skaraborg was connected to the main railway between Gothenburg and Stockholm. The first establishment realised by StoraEnso/Sydved is a timber terminal that serves southern Sweden by rail. Four to five regular shuttles a week to start with. The next step in site development is to attract (several) new establishments that will use the Skaraborg terminal for smooth import/export via for example the port of Göteborg

See the interview with Leif Bigsten (in Swedish)

Well-visited Swedish conference 'where to develop inland terminals?'


Over 100 people attended an intensive day about the concept of RAILPORT as developed by the Port of Göteborg, which is their trademark for a commercialised dry port. Several speakers highlighted their point of view how this concept could be elaborated in the Swedish context. Apart from the Dryport partners Port of Göteborg, Region Västra Götaland, Falköpings Kommun and Swedish Transport Administration also speakers from Maersk and the rail operator Green Cargo gave their input. After a harbour excursion the delegates were asked to buzz in smaller groups and to prepare questions for a panel debate that concluded the day.

The regional Swedish television Västnytt reported, and several transport related journalists were present. The presentations and a summary of the day will be available at soon.

Have a look at the news report from Västnytt here.


Read more and download presentations (Swedish)





Harlingen harbours ambition


HARLINGEN Seaport was once the third-largest port in the Netherlands and,while its activities may be dwarfed by Rotterdam and Amsterdam today, it has ambitious plans to increase its role in the country's shipping and logistics sector, with modal shift as the central focus. Located on the Wadden Sea, just outside the Ijsselmeer dam, Harlingen has plans ....

Read the full article here.


Skaraborg works on a rail connection


The Skaraborg site is changing rapidly as rail workers finish the rail connection to the main rail line between Gothenburg and Stockholm. The first one to use is the Swedish timber firm Stora Enso who will establish its combi support point in Falköping. The first business will start by the end of this year.

RailroadRailroad workers

Visit the Skaraborg home page to see the movie about the potentials of the dryport site.


International Dryport conference


Over 130 delegates from all over the world attended the Dryport conference in Edinburgh. In two days 35 speakers highlighted the issue of intermodal transports and the necessity of smooth inland connections. Intensive in other words!

TRI Napier and SEStran did a great job to get it together. The work continues as the results from the conference will be made available. One of the tasks is to edit all incoming papers and get them published in various journals.

More info will be available soon. Check the following link.


Dryport excursion Scotland


Our Scottish hosts organised an excursion for the Dryport partnership on the morning before the annual meeting. On Wednesday 20 october we visited the potential Dryport Coatbridge as well as the famous Falkirk Wheel.

From freight to tourism handling in one morning!


Freightliners combi-terminal Coatbridge, Scotland

Falkirk Wheel:a nice way to lift ships 35 metres!



Belgium - England Business to Business meeting Chambers of Commerce - 4 Oct 2010


This succesful exchange between the Chambers of Commerce of Suffolk and of West Vlaanderen took place on the 4th October in Ipswich, UK.  About 25 people attended the study visit to the port of Ipswich and the evening session. Hopefully this exchange leads to intensified business relations between the two regios. Short sea shipping and rail should be the way to transport potential freight.

The Dryport partnership will plan for several of B2B exchanges in spring 2011.


You still can download the flyer in English here or in Dutch here.


Workshop In-site terminal planning Falköping 2 & 3 June 2010


The delegates from all partners inclusive the new partner Bremen attended an inspiring workshop on how to plan and design a new dryport terminal. How to plan good rail and road connections that deals with environment impact, how to develop a site from scratch and how to attract businesses and wheer to plan them in-site - on the spot, how to cooperate with major ports and many more. Questions that were raised by both experts and local planners as well as by the audience. And which were partly answered.

You can read a more detailed report and get an impression of what we did. Download here please.



Haven Gateway issues Economic Impact of Ports Study


The Haven Gateway and Babergh District Council have issued their report on the Economic Impact of Ports within the Haven Gateway sub-region.  This supports in providing the evidence base required to expand and develop Logistics operations and to identify suitable sites for a Dryport within the sub-region.

Click here for the Executive Summary or for the Full Report issued in May 2010



Special issue on Dryports


TRI Napier Edinburgh in cooperation with University of Gothenburg call for submissions of papers on the topic of Dryports for publication in a Special Issue of Maritime Economics & Logistics (MEL) in 2011.

This call is linked directly to the International Conference on Intermodal Strategies for Integrating Ports and Hinterlands organised by the Transport Research Institute (TRI) and SEStran and taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland on the 21st and 22nd of October 2010. The overall aim of the conference is to share information that will help to promote the use of intermodal transport for freight movements.

Key topic areas for papers are: inland terminals, dryports and their relation to ports.

Download here please.


Container vessel


The Interreg project Northern Maritime University develops interesting transnational courses that are closely related to Dryports working field. Visit their homepage for regular updates.

And why not try to determine the essential vessel parts here!

Feasibility study Dryport Emmen published


Ecorys reports about the strengthening of the hub Emmen/Coevorden in the Northeast of the Netherlands.

You can read the report here.

Coastlink - time to meet again


Coastlink is an association of companies committed to expanding the role shortsea shipping plays in transporting containers around Europe. Members include deepsea and shortsea shipping companies, intermodal operators, ports and stevedores, forwarding and logistics specialists and shippers. In the earlier project SustAccess contacts were established as well as in the start-up of Dryport.

Coastlink also is at the Multimodal in Birmingham and that is of course a good occasion for contacts!

Visit web site here


Lead partner study trip to Scotland


In February 2010, Christian Bergman, representing Dryport's lead partner, Region Västra Götaland, visited the Scottish partnership SEStran (South East of Scotland Transport Partnership) and TRI (Transport Research Institute, Napier University) for a series of meetings and site visits. 


Read Christian's report here.

Exchange Scotland Sweden


In the first half of December 2009, TRI's Dr Jason Monios visited Gothenburg to hold a number of meetings and interviews with Dryport partners in Sweden. The trip provided an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of freight terminal implementation in Sweden, the research underpinning this development, and the management of public and private motivations and investment decisions.

Read Jason's report here.

IT & Security workshop


The custom related IT systems were the main focus in several presentations about IT and Security. This workshop was organised by the partner Emmen.

               Audience at workshop in Emmen for Dryport

County governor Mr. Bats opened the session with supporting words for the interested audience of both experts and students from the Stenden University that gathered in Emmen 16 & 17 November 2009.


You can download the minutes of the workshop.


Harlingen annual meeting and conference 'IJsselmeer alliance'


Almost 100 people visited the Friday session of the Dryport annual. The central theme was the inland waterway connections between the Harlingen port and the entry harbors of Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

The presentations are available below.

Gateway to Northern Holland  by Mr. M. de Jong (director Harlingen Seaports)

Bureau Voorlichting Binnenvaart - Mr. K. de Vries - visit this link for the downloading of material.

Waste processing Mr. J. Vernooij (director Omrin)

You can read more about the congress and see some pictures at the site of Business development Friesland.


Public consultation on Future of Transport

2009-08-27/update 2009-10-12

At the annual meeting of the Dryport project in Harlingen in September an outline of reaction was approved. Our contribution has been sent in time to the European Commission. We will  figure out ways to give it a follow-up.

You can download the Dryport reaction here.

Our reaction is a reaction on the Communication on Future of Transport for which the Commission collected stakeholders contributions. The outcomes of the round will be presented at a conference in the autumn and will feed into a White Paper due in 2010.

The consultation aimed at how to translate the general objectives and priorities into concrete policy measures at seven key policy fields: 1. Infrastructure 2. Funding and pricing 3. Technology 4. Legislative framework 5. Behaviour 6. Coordinated action and 7. External dimension

See EU home page .

Co-operation between StratMos and Dryport


At the annual meeting of the North Sea Commission in June the two project coordinators met and decided to deepen the interchange.

The intention is to organise joint workshops and/or to publish common transport documents - a potential theme is how to guarantee security when transporting goods over public rail and inland water systems, with technical solutions as geo-fencing or track and trace.

The first step of course is to link to each other; so you are welcome to visit StratMos site here to read more about their current activities.

Interreg Maritime Conference Gothenburg


Presentations available

Workshop  Site management Brugge, Belgium


The workshop circled around the following central questions: Where to develop a potential dryport, who to involve, how to design it and how can  a public authority influence private sector development?

The presentations are available, just click on the name below.

Port of Zeebrugge     Falköping kommun     Sioen Coating     ITMMA, Universiteit Antwerpen     

SIGN Scotland       Handelshögskolan, Göteborg

Coordination meeting Brussels/study visit Port of Zeebrugge


Newsletter available.

Start conference in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 2008


Invitation and programme can be found  here. Parallel with Coastlink.

 Please click on the names for the Dryport presentations

Violeta Roso  Chalmers University     Andrea Rosa  SiTi Turin      Rickard Bergkvist  University of Gothenburg

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